GS-Octave. Please read description for use.


An octave up pedal with a twist. A great OD to drive the octave-up or, you can drive the ocatave-up effect with a fuzz or pedal of your choice.



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Here are the key points to observe for successful octave-up performance.

The octave circuit must be driven by a harmonically rich, higher gain signal. The overdrive circuit of GS-Octave was designed to drive the octave-up circuit. Gain should be at least 2 o’clock when using the Octave effect.

The Octave effect is stand-alone–it can be driven by any overdrive/distortion/fuzz ahead of it. A great fuzz pedal will yield exceptional classic performance from the Octave effect.

The best performance will come by using the neck pickup but is not limited to it. Experiment.

Octave-up performance is best with clean picking technique–sloppy picking will lead to sloppy performance of the Octave effect.

Most Octave-up effects (true analogue not digital) tend to work best above the 12th fret. The GS-Octave will perform exceptionally well below the 12th fret. It will cleanly work on the higher three strings down to around the 5th fret. Again, experiment.

The octave effect is either driven by the built-in OD or can be pushed by your favorite fuzz or gain pedal. Octave-up is set at, basically, unity so it is seamless when engaged. The OD is unique to the pedal and is very dynamic and harmonically rich.

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