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Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days up close and personal with a guitarist who tours with two Dumble ODS amplifiers in his rig. That experience rekindled my interest in trying to replicate that sound in a pedal.

For the development of the GS 124, I used a very accurate clone of ODS #124 using blind switching for evaluation. The goal was to have the pedal became virtually indiscernible from the amp. The GS 124 is not a generic “D-style” pedal, rather, it is specific sonic replication of a particular amp.
No bells and whistles; no extra knobs and switches. What the GS 124 does is match the tone and feel of the amp.

The GS 124 is amp friendly and particularly likes amps that are set blackface clean but that is only the starting point.

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One of the very best Southern California boutique amp inspired pedals available.

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1 review for GS 124

  1. Daniel J McCarthy

    This is the best clean Dumble boost that I have found. No compression. no fuzz.. Plays well with my Tele and LP. I use this at low settings and run it at all t times with my tube amps. It keeps your dry tone and works at both high and low volumes. .I have stacked it with an old Japanese Tube Screamer at low settings and surprisingly it works well with the TS as well, sort of boosts the mids. I like it better then the Zen. Drive. Brad Jeter has good ears.

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